Will SMS Marketing Work for my Business?

SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” So, by definition, SMS marketing is a marketing tool that uses a short message service to reach its customers. SMS marketing services like Textedly are helping businesses reach customers through short text messages, and it is working! Textedly’s SMS message marketing is reliable, and quicker than outdated email marketing campaigns.

Will SMS Marketing Work for my Business?

Textedly works great for any type of business because it communicates with its customers in a modern way. From preteens to senior citizens, everyone has a smart phone, and they are getting increasingly more reliant on text messages to communicate.

Here are some examples of common businesses and how they benefit from Textedly:

Businesses with Several Employees: Communication between management and their employees is crucial to the flow of a business. If urgent information needs to get relayed, SMS is the way to do it. Not everyone in the company is sitting in front of their computer all day with access to email, so using SMS is the most logical way to reach everyone.

Travel and Vacation Businesses: Having real time updates when traveling is incredibly important. Things can change quickly when traveling. Weather, time delays, cancelations, gate changes, traffic accidents, and anything unexpected can really ruin your customer’s experience. With Textedly being utilized by your travel business, your customers will receive instant, up-to-the-minute changes to their travel plans making them more prepared, and ultimately more satisfied with your level of service.

Online Sales: If you have an online merchandise store then you need SMS marketing. Once an order is placed, your customers will take great comfort in receiving SMS messages with updates about shipping, refunds, or promotions. This will also eliminate the amount of contact consumers have with your Customer Service department, since most of their concerns can be addressed through general SMS texts from Textedly.

Businesses that Run on Appointments: It is frustrating and has a negative financial impact on your business when a customer simply doesn’t show up for their appointment. Textedly will remind your customer of their appointment days and even hours before they are scheduled, so your business is less likely to lose profits over a no-show. Customers also appreciate this because of their own busy schedules.

So, Will SMS Marketing Work for your Business?

Just ask yourself these questions:

Do I want a modern marketing strategy that is fast and reliable?

Do I want to effectively and efficiently contact my employees?

Do I want my customers to have real time updates?

Do I want to give my Customer Service department a break from basic inquiry calls?

Do I want to cut down on the money I’ve lost from missed or late appointments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Textedly will work for your business.