Non-surgical treatments to remove wrinkles: what you should know

The passage of time leaves wrinkles on the skin that take away the original expressiveness of the face. Faced with this circumstance, women and also men resort to creams or plastic surgeries to regain a youthful appearance. The reality is that anti-wrinkle creams have a limited effectiveness and plastic surgery involves some risks. The solution to eliminate wrinkles are the latest technology non-surgical treatments. These treatments restore the skin’s radiance without the need for pre-surgical or post-surgical periods.

Non-surgical treatments for the beauty of your skin

Here are some non-surgical treatments that will restore your skin’s youthfulness

-Laser radiofrequency: this treatment is painless and non-invasive and works to substantially improve the appearance of the skin. During this procedure the skin receives high frequency electromagnetic waves to refine and improve it in every way.

-Botox: Botox is the universal name given to botulinum toxin. This substance is highly effective in removing wrinkles from the skin. Botox relaxes and paralyzes the muscles for a certain period of time. This substance gives a natural appearance and the patient recovers the expressiveness of her gestures.

-Dermal fillers: the injection of dermal fillers is an effective procedure to eliminate wrinkles, diminish expression lines, achieve full lips, among other benefits. Dermal fillers are safe, as they have passed the most rigorous FDA tests.

The final aesthetic result is very positive, the patient obtains a smooth skin and recovers her self-esteem.

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Enjoy a youthful appearance

Women and men have the right to enjoy a youthful appearance for many years. There are different ways to reduce wrinkles: creams, plastic surgery, vitamin supplements, etc. The most efficient strategy to restore the skin’s youthful appearance is non-surgical aesthetic treatments. These are completely safe and have the ability to give great beauty to the skin without subjecting it to dangerous risks.

The key to making the right choice of the best non-surgical aesthetic treatment is to consult a capable specialist who will assess the individual needs of each patient. The patient should express what he/she wants to achieve aesthetically and the specialist should listen to him/her to guide him/her towards the most successful results.