What Is The Average Cost Of Cremation Services

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It’s really hard to come to terms with losing your loved one. Nobody wants to imagine cremating or burying their family member. But if the inevitable happens, you have to take the necessary steps to honor their wishes and lay their remains to rest Funerals are usually held to give a proper farewell to the departed and say the last goodbye. When it comes to taking care of your loved ones remains, you have to 2 options: cremation or burial. There are numerous reasons why most people are preferring cremation nowadays to traditional burials.

1. It’s More Economical

When we say economical, we don’t mean that cremation services are too cheap. But when you compare them with the traditional burial, you can save a lot of money by choosing cremation. With this option, you can save money without losing the meaning of a funeral service. For example, with cremation, you don’t need a burial plot or a casket which may cost thousands of dollars. With cremation, you incur at least two costs- paying for the cremation process itself, and buying an urn where you’ll keep the ashes. If you like, you can later hold a memorial service to pay your last respects. 

2. It’s Environment-Friendly

With the increasing population and pollution, everyone is now concerned with saving the earth and the environment. Standard burials take up a lot of space in cemeteries which we could have used to build residential or commercial buildings or even for farming. Cremation, on the other hand, doesn’t need any burial plot. Once the body is cremated, you can keep the ashes in an urn or scatter them in a sea.

Speaking of pollution, a traditional burial requires the body to be embalmed with chemicals, and these can leak into the water table and find their way to the water we drink, causing several health problems. Besides, caskets are usually made from wood, which means trees are cut to make them. With more and more people choosing cremation, we can save space, trees and reduce pollution to the environment. 

3. You can Bury the Urn

Some people think that they can’t hold a traditional funeral after cremating their loved ones. But the truth is you can do it and bury the ashes in wherever place you want. After cremation, you can choose to keep the ashes in the Urn, spread them, … Read the rest

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